I don’t always know that I have anything helpful to offer others, but people do ask me for help and seem relieved to get out of crisis-mode once we’ve talked. My gift is to see, not all, but a great many of the disparate pieces of information present and bring together the elements that pertain to you, personally. 

Astrology has given me an incredible amount of tolerance for everyone’s differences. It gives concrete language to describe the vagaries of your life. I’ve leaned on astrology to help me understand, accept, and love my children.  

I prefer to use an anecdotal (story-telling) style of explanation of what’s going on with you now, but this will be based upon the actual timing of the planets’ cycles and transits interacting with us Earthlings. So my feet are firmly on the ground in all this astrological matrix, and my higher senses are wide open to hear the Angels yodeling, where the magic happens. It’s like drawing in the colors of your aura. I think that I’m really more of a free-flowing poet and philosopher than a rigorous scientist or astrological weather predictor. 

If you are interested in having me do an astrology consultation for you, please email me at  I do hour long readings locally in Austin, Texas, and write comprehensive reports for people across the world. For now, a consultation costs $75.