I’m Jeannie Goldwire.

I’ve been deeply in love with the stars since childhood.

Astrology explained to me major contradictions in the dynamics of my personality, whereas, pre-astrology,  I wondered if perhaps I was a hypocrite, a liar, or maybe just plain incapable of being sincere! With the Moon and Sun five degrees away from each other in Scorpio, I couldn’t distinguish between my thoughts and feelings. Everything was just intense. Too intense. 

You see, one day I would stoutly affirm one feeling; and then, the next day, take the opposite position. Eventually, I learned it was not a case of being either/or, but of being both/and. Plus, I was a bit of a chameleon, with Neptune in Libra being in my first house (protective coloration/people-pleasing/blending in).

I also had a pretty hard childhood. Like the Phoenix, I rose out of difficult circumstances. This hard soil I was born into defeated one of my siblings, but I believe you incarnate into the situation you need. Eventually, I flourished. I don’t blame anyone, or anything—I’m actually grateful. 

I relate this resilience to my Mars/Saturn conjunction, which feels to me like the energy of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. It’s about not pitying yourself, but simply taking responsibility. It’s like the energy that rises from a seed, up into the light from the darkness. The external events could look dire, but there’s some force within you that drives you to the light. 

I identified with this Phoenix energy even before I learned that it’s a classical symbol for Scorpio. Actually, I got the name ‘Full Phoenix’ from the game ‘Sims World.’ I put in ‘Phoenix,’ and it added the ‘Full.’ I liked the alliteration.

Today, I personify the Perpetual Student Syndrome, the full expression of my Sun and Moon in the 3rd house (by the Whole Sign system) of communication and ideas.  Yes, I’m ever and always hooked on the intelligence and articulateness of so many of the major players in the wide, wide world of metaphysics.

For me, every day is an exciting kaleidoscope following great thinkers’ jewels of perception. Astrology captivates me in particular because it embraces everything! And interconnects everything! And makes sense of everything (eventually)!

In the same way that dolphins navigate by echolocation, I feel the stars beaming down energy, presence, knowledge and messages into my being. They’re living beings, tapping on my shoulder, saying, ‘Hello!’ I have Uranus on my Midheaven, trine my Jupiter. These flashes of insight come to me and unite different things together. 

I know my consciousness is open. During a dream years ago, I experienced my neighbor in panic and despair, right before he actually died of a heart attack. Playing the fortune teller at my little grand-daughter’s halloween party, I intuitively asked the children to call out their names to the angels. After that, I could tell them with surprising specificity what they would be doing when they grew up.

This openness feels like a serious responsibility, which is why I’m drawn to astrology. It gives me something to hang my hat on–it’s a way to give substance and objectivity to the intuitive information that comes through me.

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